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ADH CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 70T/2500 4+1 axis

· New EU streamlined design

· The whole frame of the press brake adopt integrated welding, and by tempering to eliminate the internal stress

· The press brake frame adopt shot blast to remove rust and sprayed with anti-rust treatment

· The frame is formed by the imported CNC three-dimensional machining center in one process, which ensures the parallelism and verticality of each mounting surface.

· The controller can control the Y1 and Y2 axes (Y1 controls the left cylinder and Y2 controls the right cylinder) to ensure the synchronous movement of the ram

· Quiet speed waiting and fast down, (about 25 decibels), low noise during pressing and return (the pressure in the hydraulic system is the closed loop control of the servo main motor)

· The main oil pump does not apply work under the drive of the servo main motor, and the energy consumption is 60% lower than that of the general CNC press brake machine

· The machine oil temperature is stable, which extending the service life of various components of the hydraulic system


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